4 Reasons Why Joining A Direct Sales or Multilevel Marketing Company May Not Be The Best Option For You When Trying to Manifest Your Vision

by Tereciah on March 29, 2013

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4 Reasons Why Joining A Direct Sales or Multilevel Marketing Company May Not Be The Best Option For You When Trying to Manifest Your Vision.

Direct sales and multi-level marketing companies are great but are they for you?

I want to share with you several reasons why supplementing your income with direct sales and multi-level marketing companies may not be your best option when it comes to manifesting your vision.

Budding entrepreneurs when sales become slow and resources dim look for other avenue streams to supplement their income.

Many people join direct sales or multi-level marketing companies to alleviate financial stress or to be in charge of their own destiny.  What many forget to factor is all the back end stuff they get to excited to investigate before they sign on the dotted independent contractor line.

Stuff like trainings, meetings, building teams and the constant thought of “trying to make another sale”.

Am I saying they are bad and you shouldn’t use or buy into them?  No!!  Absolutely not!!  I have been a part of some in my past and they served their purpose.   Back then I didn’t know what God’s purpose for my life was.  These companies were filling in the gap of me “wanting more for my life,” owning my own destiny and bringing the greatness I knew I had within me out. Now I know who I am and what I am called to accomplish.  Now I focus on building His will for my life.

Here are some things to consider when you think about joining a direct sales or multilevel marketing company.

  1. How much of an investment is necessary?  With any business there are start up costs, even if it’s purchasing business cards from Vista Print for $10 bucks or buying ink for your printer to print flyers.  There are costs.  The question is, is the upfront cost worth it or could you take what you would pay to get started and invest in yourself and your organization.  Sometimes all you may need are some targeted training, a committed mindset and a can do attitude to get your vision on the path you desire for it.
  2.  How much time will this endeavor require and will I have the time to focus and build MY dream?  If you desire your direct sales investment to be to be successful so you can supplement your income then ultimately you’re going to have to invest in the company training.  Although its direct sales, it is a business; your business.

The question now becomes where is your focus?  You can’t give 100% to both entities and think they will both be successful.  One will ultimately fall to the way side and the hundred dollar question is which one will it be?

Without focus your vision starts to stall.  Doubt while it was creeping in before now has a foothold and has invited its partner, Fear. If you’re making money in your direct sales company then it feels great and you start to think, maybe, just maybe, THIS was supposed to be where you should be.  If it’s not making any money then you get disappointed and negative thoughts can start to cloud your mind.  Thoughts of “I couldn’t do that or this.  Maybe I’m not cut out for business.”

3. Will your brand suffer an identity crisis?   Will the product you will be selling/promoting build your brand or hinder it? Will people still understand what you do or will they get confused?  Remember, YOU are your brand.  If it’s diluted with products or services that do not represent who you are, the image you have created, then you may be jeopardizing the following you’ve built.

4. Can I expand and build my vision through the product or company, and will it compliment my purpose?  For example, if you were someone that suffered from health issues all your life and now have a desire to help others live a more holistic life, then getting into a direct sales company that sells health products is part of your vision.  It’s in line with your overall desire to make a change in someone’s like.  But if you get into a direct sales company that sells cosmetics just to make money to fund your real dream of holistic health, then that’s not good.

 Take some time to do some serious inventory on your decision.  Ultimately you have to decide what will be best for you.  What is your vision; the big picture of the change you wish to make.

A vision is built on desire, hard work, disappointments, lessons and victories.

Don’t compromise with a short cut or a detour.  If you truly desire to build your dream invest in it to bring it to past.

Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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