6 Tips to Help You Get Back On Track to Accomplishing Your New Years Goals!

by Tereciah on April 15, 2013

6 Tips to Help You Get Back On Track to Accomplishing Your New Years Goals!

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The New Year has come and gone but where are you with your resolutions and goals?

The first quarter of the year is gone and it’s time to take another look at the goals you made for your life or business, and measure where you stand.

Statistic shows at least 22% of people give up on their goals just 4 weeks after the beginning of the New Year, and almost half of those who make it past the first two months, quit by the sixth month!

This year, my friend, be different!

If you’ve found it hard to keep your resolutions or goals and keep a focused mind then here are some tips to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals.

  • Write your goals down:  Make sure they are clear and defined.  Take them from out of your mind- no you won’t remember every single detail of what you need to do – and place them in written format where you can see them every day if necessary.  You know the saying, “out of site is out of mind”, well, you need a visual reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish. It gives your mind a picture so to speak of what can become.
  • Review and Recommit:  Ask yourself “why did I write, or plan the goals I did?”  “Why are they important to me right now in my life?”  It’s a reason why you decided to lose that weight; make a certain amount of money, or start doing something different.  What was the catalyst for you to say saying to yourself, “I want a change?”  “I want to accomplish this or see this happen.”   Change cannot happen unless the person, you, is willing to do the work.   Recommit yourself to the idea that was first born in your mind. Recommit yourself to accomplishing what you desire.
  • Realistic vs Wishful: We all would like to rub a magic lamp and we are granted any three wishes.  However, this is reality.  Ask yourself; “are the goals I’ve set for myself realistic or wishful?  Are they achievable and maintainable or are they a desire I wish to see happen?”  Be real with yourself.  Don’t follow someone else’s goals.  Have your own.  You may not be able to lose 25 lbs in two months like John.  It may take you four!  You may not be able to bring home $15,000 the first three months you’re in real estate but Sally who’s been selling real estate for 30 years may!   Don’t compare yourself.  Just do you.  Do what works for you and what will stretch you but also make you happy.
  • Every goal needs a plan of action.  What will yours be?  Break your goal into bite size pieces so it seems more attainable.  For example, if you’re aspiring to be a speaker and you’re hoping to get more speaking gigs, then determine how much income for the year would like to make then work back words from there.  How much is the dollar amount broken down into each quarter or a month?  How much per speaking event would you have to make?  How many speaking events would you have to do? How would you do the speaking events? Would you travel, be an online speaker guest?  You get the picture.  Map it out and go step by step.
  • Examine yourself: If you started your goals but stopped, ask yourself what happened. What were your weaknesses, where did you go wrong?  What did you see you did well when you put forth the effort? What were your strengths?   It’s important to have a serious talk with yourself.  In order to move on and be successful through the year, you have to know what was working and what wasn’t and how to fix it or improve on it.
  • Take action:  Just because it’s almost the middle of the year, doesn’t mean your goals can’t be accomplished.  Revisit and revamp again every two to three months to keep yourself on track.

Believe in yourself and your ability.  Stay focused and your goals can become a reality!

Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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