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Visionary Leader, Author, Modern Day Trailblazer

Being labeled a “dreamer” by those closest to her, Tereciah knows firsthand what it’s like to have a dream and have no one to guide or help her support it; to appear confident and self assured to the outside world but feel overwhelmingly insecure on the inside, and to have that gnawing sense that there had to be more to life than the one she was living but have no idea which direction to take.

Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana is a Visionary Leader, Author, Purpose Coach and Modern Day Trailblazer who has an innate ability to provide just the right amount of information; guidance and encouragement to ignite a renewed sense of direction and momentum in women who have found themselves stuck on their journey from walking in their purpose to manifesting their vision.

Growing up in a household where “good enough” and being “average” was the norm, Tereciah didn’t have anyone encouraging her to push herself beyond what was required. The expectation was you would do what was necessary to get through to the next day; to be hard working and nothing extraordinary.

However, over the years, Tereciah noticed a smoldering desire to become more, to be more, and to live life to the fullest. She had watched her parents live with their regrets of never pursuing their dreams and vowed that that would not become her life. She became determined that nothing would stop her from discovering God’s purpose for her life and from living the dream He had placed in her heart. And it was through this quest for meaning and purpose that Tereciah discovered and honed her signature “Life Spark” seven step process that took her from dissatisfied, lost and lonely, to purposeful and fulfilled.

 It is this same system that she uses to help women break through their own limitations so that they can transform their lives and walk in their purpose too.

 Her specialty is in offering biblical yet practical knowledge and tools that encourages, guides and equips the Christian woman who is searching and longing to live her life fully and on purpose for God. She is a catalyst for change, always willing to dig deeper by asking the tough questions that quickly get to the root of a matter so that it could be dealt with head on.

Women are often challenged to deal with their heart issues, evaluate and elevate their thoughts and get themselves moving again after  spending time with Tereciah.  Whether it’s during an interview session, a workshop, or a one-on-one encounter, she believes that her role is to plant seeds of encouragement or water the ones that have lain dormant, waiting to spring forth and unleash the greatness that lies within.

Grow and Go Forth Women's Leadership - Knightdale, NC

Tereciah is the Founder of LifeSpark Ministries with subsidiaries including Phenomenal Woman In Christ and Grow and Go Forth Women’s Leadership Institute, which is a multi-faceted organization that helps women who are called to lead bring about the necessary changes within themselves so that they can make the powerful and long lasting impact upon the world that they are destined to create.

Tereciah resides in Raleigh, NC area with her family, her husband and three sons whom she absolutely adores. And when she’s not empowering women, facilitating trainings, interviewing phenomenal women on her weekly television show, or hanging with the wonderful guys in her life, she can be found relaxing, curled up with an interesting, yet edifying book to read.

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