All In One Month

by Tereciah on May 27, 2013

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I hope you are enjoying your memorial weekend whether you are traveling or staying in.

This holiday weekend I attended the funeral of a family member that left me feeling drained.  In the month it took since we found out about their death to the burial; my body, emotions and spiritual being has gone through some drastic changes.

I went through disbelief, to being upset with God, feeling sad and depressed, to my hair falling out in chunks, to headaches that lasted for days on end, to body aches and pains, to spiritual warfare and everything else in between.

All in one month.  But through it all God was still there.  

Although He knew I was a bit peeved at Him, He still held me, comforted me and sustained me.  He helped me to understand that what my thoughts and wishes were for this family member wasn’t what He had planned. He took me to scriptures in His word that left me feeling chagrined, yet at peace.

Although I still don’t know why this family member had to die, I know that God had them in the palm of His hand.  He sustained me in my sorrow and gave me strength in my weakness.

So this Memorial Day as I remember my love one, here’s a lesson I learned that I wish to pass on to you:  You may ask why but God doesn’t have to answer.  You may not understand but He knows why He does what He does.  He knows all and understands all.  Just because things don’t happen the way we wish, doesn’t mean that God is still not sovereign.  And just because we are Believers doesn’t mean we will not have trials to bear. We must still stand on His word and trust Him.

So if you are going through some difficulties in life and can’t understand why God didn’t answer your prayer or He seems far away, just know that He IS right there and He knows.  He will sustain you and He will keep you.

Keep your faith and continue to trust in Him, even when you don’t understand all that is happening.

Be Blessed!

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