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Building Your Business Taking To Long? Have Patience!

by Tereciah on December 18, 2012


Patience is an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay, and it’s a virtue I use to be in short supply of!

My friend, do you feel like the dreams and visions God showed you just seem to be taking too long?  Perhaps doubt and disappointment and disillusionment have somehow crept in?  Well today this word of encouragement is for you.

Sometimes God will declare a word over your life either through prophecy, a vision, dream or by hearing His audible voice.  When this happens, we as humans tend to have assumptions that His promises are for the now, or at least within three months, six months or year, and when they seem to take longer than we anticipate we start to wonder. 

However, just know that when a declaration takes time to manifest it doesn’t mean that the promise has been forfeited, but it’s been ordered for the distant future.  God deals in the vastness of things.  When we think of His promises we are only thinking here and now, but God is thinking future generations and more!

During the time that God spoke His promise over your life, He is working behind the scenes in your life. 

He will test you, clean you, realign you, refresh you and uphold you.  Just as Psalm 105:19 states, “until the time that His word came; the word of the Lord tried him.”  Who is him?  Joseph. He tried Joseph in the prison cells of Pharaoh’s palace and in the home of Potiphar.  God was building Joseph’s character up.  God had already ordained it, He knew what skills and experience Joseph needed for the task of running a country, and He was getting Joseph ready to fit the spot.  Just so God will do with us.  The question is where and how is He trying you?

There was a time in my life I couldn’t understand why God had me doing things, although I knew how to, I didn’t want to do them.  They were not utilizing my strong suit and I would cry and complain – like seriously – to God ALL the time! Many times I entertained the thought of just stopping (never quitting), just stop doing anything until God either showed me an easier way or removed what I didn’t want to do.  What I learned over and over was that He was, and still is getting me ready for what He has already ordained over me.  I learned so many valuable lessons, that today I can pass on to others.  One being in leadership: Guide and allow others to do their skill in excellence, but never give your power away. You are the one I have chosen.

Joseph was a young lad, a teenager when He was sold into slavery to Egypt.  He had to mature and his understanding and faith in God grow.  If Joseph had been placed as second in command when he was younger, his brothers when they met him in Egypt, would have been dead.  However, God worked it out that not only was Joseph’s family safe but he no longer had any animosity towards them.

Sometimes the journey you are traveling seems a bit rockier than you’ve anticipated and you can’t seem to see the end. You’ve been toiling and planting and nurturing and believing without the big manifestation you’ve been dreaming about, but it is for a reason.  We are being seasoned and cleansed.  And in time when God is ready for His word to start bearing fruit then it will come to pass and perform what was already ordained. 

Your seed has been planted firmly in the soil of faith and has steadily grown over time will.  It will start to bear fruit and the promises God has made over your business, ministry or organization will come to pass.  Remember, God is not like man that He should lie!

Keep pressing forward, don’t give up or give in.  Stay the course and remember “so shall [God’s]word be that goeth forth out of [His] mouth: it shall not return to [Him] void, but it shall accomplish that which [He] please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto [He] sent it.”

To Your Greatness!

©Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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Henrietta Quarcoo March 3, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Hello Tereciah, Thank you for being so transparent with your thoughts and opinion to the Word of God which automatically lines up with the plans of God for our lives. This is so powerful, encouraging and definitely tools some of us can use to claim the latter to our greatness and purpose. Now, it has really sink in my spirit that patience is always the key to success Romans 8:25 (NIT) says but if we look forward to something we do not yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently. Wow this is amazing, thank you and may God continue to use you for kingdom purpose.


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