The Answer to “How do I find my purpose?”

by Tereciah on August 6, 2013

Answer to “How Do I Find My Purpose?”   If you’ve been searching for an answer to the question above, then here it is.  Short, sweet and oh, so simple! At the end of this short video I pray that you’ll never have to wonder again “How do I find my purpose?” but you’ll then more »


What is Vision

by Tereciah on August 5, 2013

What Is Vision and Why You Should Have It Vision.  It’s something people say a lot.  But really, what is vision?  For many of you, you may have a feeling that God has placed a big goal He wants you to accomplish on your heart.  You may know deep within your being that you are more »


Video Devotional: Tap Into Your Creativity!

by Tereciah on March 23, 2013

Video Devotional: Tap Into Your Creativity   I am a big fan of devotionals.  Why?  Because they are short, sweet and gets to the point.  I make it a habit of not only reading my bible daily but also reading a devotional (sometimes as many as 3!) daily. Today’s devotional talks about creativity and you more »