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If you know that you have been called for a higher purpose and you are ready to walk out the vision that God has for you, we have a program that’s perfect for you!

When it comes to Kingdom living addressing the whole woman – all of who you are – is important.  Finding your purpose is one thing, but living it effectively, happily and productively are two different things.

Giving women the knowledge they need to become the ultimate vessel, the tool, that God needs to bring forth His vision (your purpose), is ultimately the hope and desire of Tereciah.   From 1 hr tele-class teaching segments, to 8 week coaching intensives to 6 month leadership accountability groups, there is something for every level of your Kingdom living journey.


LSM Signature System

If unfulfillment has been gnawing at you or you are uncertain of how to bring forth the calling God has placed within you and you need steps, a system, to guide you, then this program would be a great start for you.

You will learn a proven process to reignite your spark and get you walking in your Kingdom calling.  You will gain a roadmap, with concrete step by step instructions on how you can develop the leader within and begin walking in complete fulfillment of your purpose. 

Develop what God has commissioned you to do; look at what you have been able to accomplish already, go deeper in the word of God, take a closer look at your spiritual gifting, find support for your vision, see the big picture and discover your greatness.

Learn more about this 8 week virtual program here


    LifeSpark Leadership Intensive


If you know you are called to make a greater impact on the world around you but you are not quite sure exactly how you will do that, this is the  program for you. In this 12 week intensive, we’ll delve deeply into the process of how to go from knowing your purpose and even being on purpose to manifesting the greater vision for your life.

You’ll learn how to get past the fears, doubts and insecurities that keep you from completely surrendering to God and stepping out on faith. You will learn the steps to take where you can immediately begin bringing your dreams, goals and vision to fruition. You will become the leader that God needs you to be by developing new mindsets, attitudes and behaviors that are sure to set you apart.

Get more information on this 12 week intensive here


The Grow and Go Forth Leadership Program

 This program is for serious leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to get out into the world in a big way. They have a desire to see change in the world and are ready to be used by God to ignite it. In this program, you will begin to see how your calling fits into God’s overall Kingdom plan and how you can begin expanding your sphere of influence.

You will be surrounded by like minded women who will support you, help you see and plan strategically, hold you accountable and pray with you. We will meet once a month and address very specific issues that leaders face on their journey to greatness. Let’s work together on this. More can be achieved in less time when we collaborate.

Learn more and find out when the next Leadership program starts here

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Henrietta Quarcoo March 3, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Hello, l will like to know when the next leadership program start and where and if there is a cost. thank you.


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