Come Take A Journey With Me

by Tereciah on April 23, 2013

From Purpose To Vision Requires A Journey


My friend, come, take a journey with me and tell me if you’re traveling this road.

come take a journey with me

The journey begins…

You’ve just received word that a breakthrough you’ve been coining and developing has been chosen to go to the market.  But in order for it to proceed you will have to take a journey that will determine if your vision is worthy of the lives of whom it will affect.

The journey will last one year.  Within that one year, you may or may not be given instructions to help you achieve the goal.  As you travel along the journey the breakthrough you’ve coined and developed will be released bit by bit.

Off you go, full of excitement and promise and before long you hit a bump in the road, you’ve got a flat tire.  Bummer!  What do you do?  Well, it’s only a wheel and it’s minor, so you fix it and continue along the way.

Bam!  Another disruption;  you’ve gotten lost along the way.  You know what the end of the journey looks like but you’re not sure where you’re supposed to be. There’s no one else on the road and it’s a bit lonely.   The lights are a bit dim and you can’t see the instructions.  Your GPS while still on, seems to have lost its signal strength no matter how many times you looked up and called out to it.

There’s a lull and you’re back on track.  You realize that during the time the GPS not working you actually made some guesses, took chances and accomplished some things.  Yippee!  You’re feeling great!

Before long your back on track and then wham, out of nowhere, you find yourself in storms trudging through mud up to your ankles, hail pounding the pavement all around you and winds, man those winds!  Winds that literally try to lift you up and slam you on the ground!

The storms seem to abate every now and then, then gains intensity at the most unexpected and unwanted times on your journey.  You’re battered and worn, but you’re grounded.  You remembered to bring your rain coat and your umbrella for the journey.  You’re GPS is working again and you feel a lot better about your surroundings.

Wham!  Disappointment and rejection.  Slam!  Heartache and lonely nights; Bam!  Confusion and indecision.

Halfway through the journey, you start to question yourself.  “Is it worth all this?”    You still have the desire but truth be told, you weren’t expecting all this!  You just want to help others and change lives.  Why can’t it be that simple?

gps come take a journey with me

Well, it’s not.   A journey involves a person traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time.  And with that travel there’s bound to be mishaps, bad weather, people you wish you had never met, others you’re glad to have known and many more trials.

When you have decided to follow the leading in your heart to impact the lives you know you are called to touch you must understand that, that journey will not be easy.  But will it be worth it?  Most definitely!

It’s the decisions you make that determines how long or how difficult the journey will be.  God/Holy Spirit is your GPS and there will be times when you won’t be able to hear, see, nor feel Him in your life.  But He’s still there.

You will have to make decisions based on what you know His will is for your life.  Your raincoat is your garment of praise and your umbrella is helmet of salvation covering you and your thoughts with the Word of God.  You will encounter storms and will have to persevere.  Resources and people will not always be available but you must carry on.

The story above was fictional, but the circumstances aren’t   They are every day occurrences that can happen when you’ve decided to step out on faith and build that business or that ministry or invent that new idea or develop that new program.

You’ve told God yes.  You’ve told Him He can use you.  You’ve told Him that you’re willing to accomplish the task He’s for predestined you.  Stuff the tissue back into your purse, pull up your boot strings, check your resolve and get moving again.  Don’t allow flat tires, cracked windshields or a weak GPS reading to keep you from moving forward.  

You’re probably wondering, how does the story end?   Well, I don’t know!  God is still directing it and your still writing it!

Be Blessed!
©2012 Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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