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Don’t Give In To Self-Defeating Thoughts

by Tereciah on December 4, 2012

Don’t Give In to Self-Defeating Thoughts

By Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

I know you have a desire to create a change in the world around you.  You know that you have greatness within you yearning to break free and create such an impact on the world around you, that you can literally feel it within your being.  But sometimes circumstances and fear seem to get in the way.  Today, I want to encourage you to don’t give up.  Please.  Don’t give in to self-defeating thoughts.

Sometimes life can come at you hard and fast and it may knock you down and flip you over.  But it’s during those times that I want you to pick yourself up with the word of God, dust yourself off with the Holy Spirit of truth and put one foot in front of the other with faith until you are running again with the desire to make a change.

Yes, it may seem like everyone else is moving forward bringing forth their vision besides you. You may have a spouse that is not supportive of you, a church family that acts as though you’ve abandoned them for the lights of the world, your finances may be woefully strapped and your faith sometimes takes a beating when you cry out to God and to yourself at night.

Listen, trials only come to make you stronger.  When God called you He didn’t tell you it was going to be easy but He told you to TRUST HIM, meaning put your complete faith in His direction for your life.  When God called Moses, He didn’t tell him the Israelites were going to be a pain in the neck and would want to kill him every chance they got when things weren’t going as they hoped!  But through every single trial, he kept his trust in God.  He kept moving forward and so must you.

You truly are an over comer, look how far you’ve came already!  Every dream and vision He has shared with you will come to pass.  It will just take time.  He is a God that cannot lie; not will not, but cannot lie.  We can’t just go from Vision to the Manifestation, or in other words from the desire in our hearts to the actual full working order of things.  No, God has to groom us and mold us and sanctify us in each level we attain. 

So, today, I want you to reflect on what you have already done in bringing forth your desire for change in this world, and I want you to take some time and tell God thank you.  Then I want you to talk to Him and tell Him that you are committed, that you are willing to move forward with His leading and guidance.  Ask Him to give you the strength necessary to persevere and the faith to conquer.

The Kingdom of God is already within you.  Stand firm, stay strong and know that you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you.  Allow His will to be yours.  Do it even if you’re scared but do it with obedience to God. Be Blessed!

To Your Greatness!

©Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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