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2009 Never Give Up  (Podcast)

A life lesson learned from a teen while mowing the grass.

2009 Giant or Grasshopper: How Do You See Yourself? (Teaching)

Stop allowing circumstances and the perception of others to determine your ability to do what God says is possible.  Stand on His promises and start seeing yourself capable of accomplishing great things.  A giant and not a grasshopper!

2009 Facing Your Giant  (Teaching)

Has the giant in your life kept you from living a life that is productive, peaceful, happy or on purpose?  Has it kept you from enjoying the embraces of your spouse because of hurtful memories?  Has it kept you from growing in the Word of God because of secret doubt? Well learn how to face your giant(s) and conquer it once and for all!

2009 – Dying to Your Emotions: No Turning Back  (Teaching)

When God gives us instructions for an assignment, we must be careful not to let our emotions and those of other individuals distract us.  You cannot serve God based on your emotions. If that were the case most of us would have run scared a long time ago!

2012 – Purpose It Has Your Name On It! (Teleclass)

Ask yourself this question: “Why do you think you exist? The reason you were made?”  Your purpose is just the beginning of who you are and what you are called to do.  Have you tried your hand at different entrepreneurial activities and they worked for a while.  You may have thought whatever you were doing was for you but somehow, somewhere it still didn’t fit?   That was you trying to find your purpose and walk in it but not fully being aware of who you were and were called to be.  You were doing it on your own without guidance or help.  Learn exactly what purpose is and how you can start living it.


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2012 Your Spiritual Tool (Video)

 Do you know you have power in your tongue?  Be knowledgeable about the spiritual tool God has given you to help you in your christian walk and manifesting God’s vision for your life.

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