How to Find Time to Work on Your Heart’s Desire, Make Money, Find Time to Manage Your Household and Spend Time With God!

How to Find the Time to Work on Your Heart’s Desire,

Make Money, Find Time to Manage Your Household and

Spend Time With God!


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Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


8pm EST/ 5pm PST




As women we juggle many roles in a day that would officially makes us a Super Woman!  From wife to mother; caretaker to employee; entrepreneur to choir member to you name it!  We do it all!

“God how am I supposed to do what you want me to do, take care of my family, work this 9-5 job, make some money on the side and still spend quality time with you and find time for myself?  How God?  How?”

I remember I use to ask God questions like that all the time!

Can you imagine? Dishes in the sink, helping the kids with their homework, being a good wife, a choir member, being the caregiver to an elderly parent, a budding trying-so-hard-to-be-a-successful-entrepreneur, a committed and active church member in multiple church groups, and a woman with no time to herself, wondering where she’ll find the time to connect with future clients, or return customer calls.  That was my life and I feel your pain!  It’s not just you!

You are busy, do doubt about that.  But are you busy building your dream or slowly suffocating?

When God made woman He placed within us tools He knew we would need to be the bond that hold things together.  We love to help and encourage and bless others but we need time for ourselves.  There needs to be balance within our lives.  Without it we’ll become worn and no good to anyone, including ourselves.

A young lady once said this to me, “I spend 8 hours a day building someone else’s dream, and when I get home I then help everyone else with what they have to do.  Next thing you know, I’m too tired to build mine. I feel like I’m giving the best 8 hours of my day away.  And I resent that!”

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Can you relate to her?  

Do you…

  • See yourself as your own boss, creating a change in society.  Impacting lives, allowing God to use you as the vessel for something bigger than what you could see right now and make some money while you’re doing it?
  • Burned out, frustrated, tired, and a bit resentful to those that take up your time. A bit angry because it seems “everyone else” is moving ahead in their lives, building their dreams and you feel stuck, depressed and a bit of a failure?
  • Find spending quality time with God to hear His instructions and to fellowship with Him another chore that needs to be checked off, instead of a joy because of lack of time?
  • Crave an ideal balance between your family, business and spiritual life, especially from a biblical perspective?
  • Feel guilty when you decide to spend personal time for yourself because if you don’t you just might go off your rocker, but then think you could be working on some important task or building your business?

Then spend 1 hour with me on a Tuesday evening as I teach you proven strategies to get you back on track, find time, make money, and to begin to be productive and effective in your life!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • How to guard your time to accomplish tasks
  • Setting boundaries and teaching others to respect them
  • Finding your productive and realistic time
  • How to train your mind for the positive and empowered life you were designed for
  • How to become creative in spending time with God and hearing His voice in what you do daily
  • How to increase your income just by leveraging your time and productivity
  • Why procrastination is really a fear and how it shows up

Learn POWERFUL yet SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE strategies that any woman can use on a daily basis in the workplace, in the home, in relationships and more for a more productive life!

As a woman who suffered through the same emotions of feeling overwhelmed, resentful and frustrated while trying to live my calling, take care of my family and still find time for God, I understand the toll it takes to be everything to everyone, but no time for yourself.  Seeing the dream but no energy to build it.

Allow me to help you break this wisdom down in a step-by-step process that will help you live on purpose.

This is great for anyone who is struggling through life with these issues and knows something has got to change!


Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


8pm EST/ 5pm PST




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Can’t make the call on that day?  It’s okay!  A recording of the call will be available to those that sign up.

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