It’s Time To Get Out Your Comfort Zone

by Tereciah on April 30, 2013

It’s Time To Get Out Your Comfort Zone!



comfort zone

Sometimes you have to do it afraid!  Do what? The task that God has assigned you.

Sometimes He has to push us out of your comfort zone and into spiritual maturity and physical (and emotional) ability.  It can be uncomfortable, scary, or even mentally challenging.

Early this year, God placed me in such a position that I had hemmed and hawed over, for a good six months.  He literally sent me an email with this in the the subject field (It was really the person He used to get me to finally make up my mind) immediately after I listed all the excuses I could think of why I didn’t want to do it to Him:

“Re: What did you decide to do?!”  Does God have a sense of humor of what?  

Not only has this assignment from Him been a wonderful blessing, but I have grown as a result of it!  

What am I getting at here?  Well, I used my life as an example for you to see that it’s not just “you” that go through indecision on an assignment God gives us.  No matter who you are, from Moses, to Jonah, to that well known person, we all go through a period of indecision.

What I do want you to understand is in that assignment you will find blessings, growth, wisdom, experience, and so much more!  Excuses and buts no longer work.

Yes, it’s scary.  Yes, it’s out of your comfort zone but it truly is worth it.   So, here it comes, you knew it was coming…..

That assignment that you have been holding out on God on, go ahead and do it.  Tell Him yes with your heart and your mind; and do it.  Even if you have to do it afraid!

Be Blessed!

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