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A Lesson in Impatience

by Tereciah on March 19, 2014

A Lesson in Impatience

Some people say that they don’t know how to hear from God, or be able to determine if He’s speaking to them.

Well, my problem isn’t hearing from Him.  My issue was He sometimes took too long to answer!

I recently had a project I was working on and I was stressing about completing it.  My spirit man kept saying seek God’s counsel but my flesh was hesitating, busily trying to do things my way.

I finally broke down and told Him in prayer that I wanted to consult him concerning the task, but I had hesitated because I was afraid He would take too long to answer.  I wanted an answer now not months later when my mind was on something else!

I knew God would answer.  He usually does, just not on my timing.  But to be fair, I sometimes suffer from a malady, a very undesirable fruit of the Spirit of Pride.  One I have asked God to help me eradicate, and He’s slowly doing it.  It’s called impatience.

God did indeed answer my heartfelt plea for guidance –the very next day, in a manner I didn’t recognize until I was doing some reflection at the end of my day.

The lesson was He was going to answer when He wanted to, NOT when I wanted Him too.  He was sovereign and I was, well, human.  My impatience didn’t make Him hurry any faster.  It just allowed Him to teach me a valuable lesson.  And when I bared my heart to Him and told Him how I truly felt, He respected that prayer.

The word of God said to seek Him while He may be found, and to call upon Him while He is near. (Isaiah 55:6)

If you are seeking an answer to a problem, decision, or task you must do, then just know that God does hear and understands your needs.

Your Father in heaven knows your needs before you even ask.  But in the midst of you waiting to receive an answer, He’s teaching you a lesson.  And often times you learn more in the lesson than in the answer!

Be Blessed!

Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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