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A Life Lesson From A Mobile Phone

by Tereciah on April 25, 2014

mobile phoneA Life Lesson From a Mobile Phone

For the last few months my fifth grader has been trying to convince me of his need for new electronic devices.

First, it started with him wanting a laptop: why he needed it, and how much easier it would make being able to do his homework. I told him no, use mine. (Well to be honest, I did go price one for him!)

Then he tried convincing my husband and I (mainly me), that he needed a mobile phone and how much safer he would be with it. He came up with every reason in the book he could think of.  I wavered.  He almost convinced me, especially the day I needed to get a hold of him to let him know I was running extremely late, picking him and his brother up from school.  He really dug into me that day and I almost caved.

I said “no, when you’re older. Maybe when you’re around 12.” He then said “12?! But Mommy, everyone in my fifth grade class has a phone and I don’t! That’s not fair! 12? Seriously?!”

And hence the real reason behind his desire for a mobile phone! Envy.

As I was pondering the conversation I had with my son later that evening and the many ways he tried convincing me about his need for the phone, God showed me how even in my life, I was like my son, and He was like me!

That was an eye opener!

Many times we ask God for things that we think we’re ready for but He knows we’re not. We cry and stomp our spiritual feet. We scheme and we plead for Him to give whatever it may be, to us.

Most times He doesn’t, sometimes He will. The times He does is to show us a lesson. A lesson that in the end we will wish we didn’t have to go through!

The times He doesn’t allow things to be is because He’s saying “not yet, daughter.” Like my fifth grader, I wanted him to be older, a little more mature, more responsible and trustworthy before I granted him his desire.

It wasn’t that he did not possess those particular character traits, but I felt for a $200 phone, those traits needed to be developed more! And so God does with us. Where He’s taking us, He needs us to be developed more in order to handle the responsibilities that will come with the elevation. He’s not saying “no” but He’s saying “not yet, you’re not ready.”

His words says no good thing will he withhold from you. Our Father knows what we want, desire and needs. He created you for a purpose and a purpose is what you will fulfill. In order for you to grow and become, you have to go through a process; a refiners fire. It’s called waiting.

Those that wail on the Lord shall renew their strength!

Our Father sees your tears, toiling and commitment. He knows your heart, your desire to serve Him, but He also sees and knows your future and what you will need to accomplish His mission for your life. He molds us as we wait.

Sometimes you find yourself looking at others who seem to have great things happening for them and you wonder “when will my time come, Lord?”   There are times you just don’t understand why it’s taking so long. Sometimes you get impatient and step out not on faith, but on pride causing heartaches, trouble and setbacks.

When thoughts of impatience rises its ugly head. When you see others success blossoming: manifestation of their dreams, goals, and visions coming to pass, think of it as God’s way of saying “If I did it for them, I can surely do it for you!”

Embrace the process. Embrace the lessons you are learning. There will come a time when you will look back and say “Lord, thank you.” You will one day understand and realize why you couldn’t get it when you wanted it.

I plan on getting my fifth grader a phone when he turns twelve. He doesn’t know it yet, but in that period between him wanting and me getting it, I’ll be teaching, training and expecting him to grow in the things I desire for him! And then, only then, will he get his heart desire!

For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently. Romans 8:24-25 NIV

Be Blessed!

Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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