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A Lost Bible and a Secular Movie

by Tereciah on May 13, 2014

lost bible and a secular movie

A Lesson From a Lost Bible

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Deuteronomy 11:18 NIV

I lost my favorite Bible.

Yep, last week I was cleaning my vehicle from the perpetual mess my younger sons seem to keep and I placed my Bible carrier on top of my vehicle, mentally reminding myself to get it before going inside.

Thump! That’s the sound I heard as I accelerated onto the busy highway, trying to make up lost time for an appointment I was already late for.

As I looked through my rearview mirror I saw an object flailing through the air then landing on the black asphalt. Oh my goodness! I hit a bird! I said to myself and thoughts of poor birdie filled my mind until I realized it wasn’t a bird I had hit, but my Bible holder  I’d forgotten on top of my vehicle!

I thought about that bible holder all day.  I thought about the notes I’d taken, the lessons I’d learn, quotes and notes taken during Sunday school, bible study and conferences.  I thought about revelations God had given me and promises I’d underlined.  Notes in the top and margin of pages and favorite stories folded and dog-eared.

My eleven year old said “Mommy, you’re going to have to study your bible again to remember all your underlined notes!”

And then it hit me!  I was (and still am) feeling a bit bereft.  My thoughts centered on my presumed inability to know where to look for particular verses. I kept thinking I wouldn’t be able to go to my highlighted scripture promises and find comfort!

And then I thought of the movie, The Book of Eli.

The movie was about a man Eli, (Denzel Washington) feeling led to carry a book – the Bible – to a particular destination for an unknown reason.  It was the last known printed Bible during that time and the villain of the story was after it for nefarious reasons.

But here are two points that made this movie so amazing: 1: The book was written in Braille, so when the villain was able to seize the book, he couldn’t read it!  2: Eli although not blind, read the book every single day.  He became the book.  He was the Bible!  And he was able to bring the ‘book’ (himself) to the location he felt led to and speak forth every word he’d read from Genesis to Revelation!

How cool is that!

And that my friend is what I want to share with you today. Proverbs 7:3 tells us to bind God’s word on our fingers and write them on the tablet of our hearts.

When we read and meditate on God’s word it becomes a part of us.  It goes down deep within our spiritual soul and when the time is necessary, the Holy Spirit will help you to remember the where, why and how of scripture.

You are God’s creation.  A vessel.  When you think of a vessel think of a container; a container created to hold, to carry something.  Well, we are carrying The Holy Spirit within us.  Whatever you put into that vessel is what will come out.  If you put in God’s word, His Word is what will emerge.

Having your bible underlined and highlighted and notes written all through it is great.  But what’s even better is you, we, I, being able to bring forth that word, know the word, with or without the actual book in our hands.

You are the Word!

Be Blessed!

© Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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