Mirror Imaging

by Tereciah on August 14, 2014

Mirror Imaging


Mirror Imaging

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“It hurts!”

“Can I just rest for a minute? 30 seconds?”

“Tereciah, why are you doing this to yourself?” I asked myself time and time again as the trainer pushed me harder than I wanted them to.

I was not a happy camper.  I decided to enlist the help of a professional trainer in my weight loss and they had me pushing, pulling, twisting, bending and aching all over places that I never knew I had muscles!

As I walked to their office after my workout, I literally dropped in the chair and started gulping water.

“What’s your phone number again so I can text you your numbers you accomplished today?” they asked.   My whole body ached so bad that it literally took me a good fifteen seconds to answer. I would open my mouth only to close it again because it was too much effort!

“You did good today.” was the encouragement I received as I was leaving. I smiled and slowly walked out the gym thinking, if I hadn’t paid my money already I wouldn’t come back. Got me limping and aching all over!

I went back.  I knew it was good for me and I needed the help. I had been trying on my own but kept getting stuck at a certain point. I couldn’t allow my feelings to get the best of me.

Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered. Prov. 28:26 ESV

For two years now I have been trying to lose a certain amount of weight.  I listened to experts, went to the gym regularly, tried to eat healthy, drank lots of water and retrained my mind and mouth.  But I was seeing minimally results.

And some of you may be experiencing the same thing – seeing minimal results – in different areas of your life; whether in business, finances, relationships, or church growth.

Many times when you take a step back at your life at look at it from different angles – spiritual, emotional and physical, you will see they are linked in more ways than one.  What you do in one many times affect what happens in the other.

In the physical you may have been trying to accomplish some goals and make some changes, but it seems as though you’re making little progress.

In the emotional, you’ve tried “giving it all to God” and “placing it in His hands” yet, you still struggle with eradicating negative feelings.

In the spiritual, you’ve been trying to go deeper, be more conscious of your walk in Christ, yet you still have a few faith relapse.

My friend, there are times when your spiritual and mental life will mirror your physical life.  

We are all mind, body, and spirit, made in the image of the Holy Father.  Intertwined, interlaced and interlocked.

The mirroring is not always negative.  You may be experiencing a supernatural growth in your emotional life – forgiveness is easier, anger has dissipated, happiness and peace seems to reign in your heart. With deeper introspection you notice your spiritual life have also grown.

Whereas you may be experiencing a shift in the physical that upon deeper insight, you realize it matches the mental.

There are times when God wants you to move from the independent-I-can-do-this-all-by-myself mindset to reaching out and asking for help.

He’s ready to send your angels that are assigned to you, to help you achieve your goals.  He said ask and we shall receive, knock and the door shall be open; if we seek Him, we shall find Him.

“I don’t need help” and “I can do this on my own” reeks of pride.  You are relying on your strength to bring us through.  Your knowledge and know-how to accomplish the task, and your earthly wisdom in thinking you know best.

Many times you act this way out of ignorance, a way that has been a part of your make-up for eons.  But it’s wrong!  You can do NOTHING without the Father.  Nothing.

Jesus himself, who is God in the flesh stated in John 5:30, “By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.”

In all things we should seek to please the father; in our spiritual, emotional and physical lives.

Is your spiritual and physical life mirroring each other? Maybe it’s your emotional and your spiritual?

Open yourself up to help from the outside. If its business, seek those that know more than you.  If it’s spiritual seek the wisdom of your pastor or a trusted man or woman of God.  If it’s emotional or physical seek the help in that area you know you need.

Seeking help doesn’t say your week.  It says “I know my limitations and I need help.”

Father, thank you for opening our eyes to see Your wisdom in all things. As you uphold us in your righteous right hand and guide our feet toward towards those you placed in our path, may we acknowledge that without you we can do nothing. But with you we can do all things thru Christ! Amen.

Be Blessed!
© 2014 Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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