Ponder Your Promise

by Tereciah on August 3, 2013

ponder your promise

Ponder Your Promise

by Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana


“She treasured the promises that had been given about her Son and ‘pondered them.’

That’s what Mary, the mother of Jesus did.  She pondered or “placed together for comparison” the things that were prophesied to her and Joseph about whom this child she was carrying/rearing was and what He would become.

She marveled when wise men came and brought expensive gifts and gave honor to her son while in the manger.  She was amazed when the shepards came and told her what they had experienced the night He was born.  She, just a woman, impregnated with a child that all she knew was not by human standards.

She listened to the man Simeon proclaim that her child was “destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel…”, and the old prophetess Anna, when she gave thanks to God and “spoke about the child…as the redemption of Jerusalem.”  Luke 2:34-38

She believed, she trusted and she acted.

God has impregnated you with a vision for your life that you may not know how it’s going to come to past, or how you’re going to get it done.  He has promised to fulfill the calling He has placed on your life, if you will trust Him and obey.

You too, have to ponder, “place together for comparison” every promise that God has made on your behalf concerning your life.   Prophetic words spoken over your life, visions you have seen, dreams you have had or Rhema words or messages that came straight from God himself.  Every, and anything pertaining to what God promised you, you ponder it.

Write it down, envision it.  When things start happening in your life, go back and see what was said over your life; compare them and be encouraged.  If you’ve seen where promises have come to past, then know for sure that whatever else He has promised you is on the way.  Sometimes we have to make ourselves remember.

Mary didn’t understand why she was chosen but she knew there was something special about her child.  She believed.

She didn’t fully grasp how he would be the “salvation of Jeruselem” but she accepted (trusted) it (John 2:5).

She didn’t really know what He could do or how He would do it, but she took a chance on her faith and acted (at the wedding when she told the workers to go to Jesus and “do whatever He tells you to do.”).

You may not know either and you may not understand why He’s chosen you; but…

Believe in your vision.  Trust in His Word.  Act on faith and walk out the promise.

“When God speaks, he doesn’t stutter.”  His promises are true and everlasting.  Ponder what He has done for you and what He say’s can be.

But most of all wait for it.  Do not become weary and do not lose faith.

Be Blessed!

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