Renewing Your Mind To Fulfill God’s Vision For Your Life


An easy to read guide to getting you ready to become the vessel God needs to manifest your vision.


Renewing Your Mind To Fulfill God’s Vision For Your Life


Tired of what this world has to offer and you’ve decided to step out on faith and live God’s calling for your life? In order to effectively live the life of purpose God says is yours, you first have to guard the gateway to your mind.

But how exactly do change the old self into what God sees and needs of you?  That’s the million dollar question that gets answered in this book!


As you read here’s what you learn:

  • A step-by-step process to renewing your mind

  • What it means to be called of God

  • How and when God recognizes you are ready to serve Him

  • Applicable Christ centered meditation steps

It’s time to stop existing and start living.  Start making a difference in the world you were born in the lives you were born to change.

Get ready to be the vessel God has called you to be!   Get ready to renew your mind!

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“It is time when we must not just preach, but teach the step-by-step-process to living with a renewed mind.  Tereciah has successfully written a powerful guide that will teach us how to access the power that is locked inside of our minds.”

Ericka D. Jackson ~ Evangelist, Author, Kingdom Trainer 


Paperback $9.97                             


 eBook $5.97

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