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Right Intentions, Wrong Results. Learning how to be specific in spiritual growth.

by Tereciah on December 27, 2013

Target and  Success

Right Intentions, Wrong Results.  Learning how to be specific in spiritual growth.

For the last two years I’ve been exercising at the gym; sometimes four days a week, other times two or three days a week.

I was drinking water, cutting back on food the experts said wasn’t good for me, but then, I came to a standstill.  I wasn’t losing weight any more – which was my ultimate goal.

I couldn’t understand why until I read a newsletter article by a health expert that stated it could be the foods I was eating.  Huh?!

I thought I was eating healthy; lots of fruit, brown rice, wheat bread and no sugar intake.  This health expert went on to say that when this happens, the person is eating too much carbs and not enough protein.  I was eating wrong for the results I desired.  

I was really upset. Angry really.

I mean, here I was trying to eat whathe health experts said I should be eating to be healthy, and it was still wrong!  Let’s just say I think I had some serious sweet intake that day!

But then here is what I learned, what God revealed to me, as I ranted to Him about how I felt, how unfair it was and why oh why did losing weight have to be so hard!  Then I had a light bulb moment.

Eating to be healthy is one thing but eating to lose weight is something different altogether.

My goal was and still is to lose weight, so although I was eating healthier, those same foods weren’t necessarily weight reducing foods.  What I had been doing wasn’t all lost.  I just had to change things up a bit – loose the weight while still making healthy choices.

Why am I telling you my weight loss story; because there’s a spiritual connotation or side to it.

Different faith goals require different mechanisms.  We could feed ourselves daily with the Word through avenues such as podcasts, songs, and bible readings, but if we have a specific faith need or a specific faith goal then we have to be specific about what we will do to accomplish it.

Ingesting the Word (or eating healthy) every day isn’t going to get you to speak in tongues or whatever you are trying to accomplish (like losing weight).  You have to ingest the Words that will teach you and give you understanding on what and how speaking in tongues is, (eating healthy foods that would help you to lose weight) and how it can be activated in your spiritual life. That’s how you will achieve your desired goal.

This application doesn’t only apply to someone wanting to learn and speak in tongues, but it also refers to any area in your physical, emotional or spiritual life you desire more of.

If you want more patience study it more.  Looking for success?  Learn what God says about it, His way and how it can be achieved.  Know that you’re called to lead but not sure how; study leaders in the bible and what it means to lead in righteousness – God’s way.  Want to learn about being healthy and not taking so much medicine, study natural healing.
Have Specific steps for a specific goal.

Wheat bread is healthy but it doesn’t help me lose weight.

Reading the book of Psalms is healthy but it will it help you learn about walking in your spiritual authority?  Or would a study in Ephesians, Corinthians, or maybe Romans, help you in that area?

Listening to a sermon on the goodness of God is great but how does that help you overcome the insecurities that has plagued you since childhood?

See the difference?

Be specific and your spiritual goals will become a reality!

“Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end.  Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart.” –Psalms 119: 33-34

Be Blessed!
©2013 Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana

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