Seeking Validation From The Wrong Things

by Tereciah on August 22, 2013

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Seeking Validation From The Wrong Things

by Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana


May I ask you a question?  Will you be honest with me?  What makes you feel validated as a woman, especially a woman of purpose as you manifest the vision God placed in your heart?  Is it education, clothing, titles or finances?

Maybe it’s having children, a prosperous career, a luxury car?  If not those, then, maybe it’s a prominent position, a church leader, being “friends” with those with recognition or have power?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Has the topic ever come up?

In my own life, my validation came through bringing an income with my name attached to it, whether in corporate America or as an entrepreneur.  Understand this, it wasn’t about the money, but about proving to whoever doubted me, doubted the vision I had in my heart, were real and not just dreams.

God taught me a lesson.  A hard one that to be honest, I haven’t quite learned all the schematics as of yet.

What validates you?

Whatever it is that you just thought about, that thing, that you said validates you, it’s a lie.

It does NOT validate you.   God validates you!

I had to learn that just because I wasn’t where I wished to be on this journey of walking out my vision; just because I wasn’t impacting huge amounts of individuals – as yet, didn’t mean the work I was doing was any less important.

Because I was disappointed in where I felt I should be in life; where my I thought my vision should be I assumed God was disappointed in me as well.  I never verbalized it but I felt it.

Look at your life and determine if there is anything there that you look to, to validate the work God has called you to do.  Then I want you to give it to God.

Let Him show you how pleased He is with you because of your faith and your obedience; the fact that you’re doing things for Him with a desire to serve Him.

Let Him show you how much what you have already done has pleased Him.  It may not be much in your eyes, but it’s plenty in His.

Let Him show you that you don’t need those things or that validation to be pleasing in His eyes.

Be Blessed!

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