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Special Guest Interview – Elena Ramirez

by Tereciah on March 31, 2011

Interview with Elena Ramirez, Founder of Prayer of God Ministries

Elena Ramirez is the founder of Prayer of God Ministries in Wheatridge, Co.  Elena writes poems and prayers and is the author of She also does public speaking on topics from personal experience.

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PWIC: Welcome Elena! It is a pleasure to have you do this interview!

ER:   Thank you Tereciah.  I am honored, and very blessed that you would consider me for this interview.  So in advance, I just want to express my thankfulness.  To you for this kind consideration.  That acknowledges me  and my ministry for the Lord.

PWIC: Elena, I know you and I have never met physically but I feel like I know who you are, or I should say, know your love of the Lord, and what you stand for through social networking together.  Your updates and blogs are pretty heartfelt. I know you do a lot of writing and you’ve published a book and I want to talk about that. But, first, I’d like my readers/listeners to know a little about you.  Where are you from?  Tell us a little about your family.

ER: Tereciah, as I think about this question you pose to me.  I suppose, I would  like everyone to think I am successful, and I have my act together.  But, I  don’t.  To say that I do or to try to sell myself would be phony.  I am someone who fell through the cracks of life.  I did not have a strong sense of  family, or guidance.  I did not have that great of an education.  It’s hard for me in a way, to articulate, how lost I have been, and sometimes still am.  In more ways, then I can say.   Yet I know, to say the word of God.  I know I have to be careful to speak life not discouragement even though things can             change.  I acknowledge God in all my ways.  I know, to say, by him, I am more than a conqueror in Christ.  That I can do all things through Christ  who strengthens me.  For the difference is, I know who God is.  I know he is  able to do all things.  I know, with him all things are possible.  I know he  sent Jesus Christ to find the lost.  And he found me.  Sometimes, I am amazed that he did.  But he had to correct me.  I know, who he loves, he corrects.  And I am still a work in progress.  I am still searching to find answers.  My writing is my outlet. It is a gift that God has given me. And anything, I can do for him, I pray will be for his glory.  I just want to grow.   Still.  I don’t want to ever take for granted what Christ has done for me.  So, to further answer your question.  I am from Denver, Colorado, and I am blessed with a family now.  My husband and son who is in college.  And I pray he has opportunities that I did not have.  But this is who I am.  His child, like we all are….. I am someone who loves and wants to serve God.  Because of my salvation.

PWIC: You have a ministry, Prayer of God Ministries: How did you come up with the name and who exactly do you serve?  Or in other words who are the people whose lives you are called to touch?

ER:  The name I felt when I named my ministry, had to be strong, it had to be of  God.  It had to be based on prayer, because I am intercessor.  First.  Hence the name Prayer of God Ministries. As a small testimony….. I was born, because my father prayed for me to be born.  My mother could not have children.  So praying is very natural to me.   I feel like my ministry, and who I am in Christ has come full circle, because  of my beginnings, and my gifts and callings. My mission is to touch all people, with my writings, to give glory to God, first and foremost and to inspire the lost, and speak a word of truth to all people.  Never compromising who I am in Christ, and to be a light in darkness.  Our world is so in need of Gods truth and light and it needs hope, and I believe the word of God is truth, and really, Gods word, renewed my mind.  It has changed me, it has guided me. For I was once lost, but now I am found.  And I guess I am just old enough,  and wise enough that I am bold enough to tell the truth.  I never want to hit  anyone on the head with the Bible.  Though…But, I will speak, truth, and hopefully do so in love, so others can see Christ in me.  So I hope all people are inspired by my Prayers of Hope, my Messages of Hope.  And just my  thoughts blog.  And my photography as well.  As I usually put my photography together with my writings.

PWIC: So, prayer is very important to you and is very much a factor in your life, right?    

ER: Yes, Prayer is communication to God.  And I have learned there is a right  way, to pray to God.  Yes, God does listen to every prayer, but I have learned  when we pray Gods word, we get results.  When we pray Gods word, he honors that, because it his word, and it will not return void.  I have also learned according to scripture Psalms 66:18 God will not hear us if there is sin.  In our hearts.  These are just promises and principles from God that    produce results.  And I love going to his throne, in service to him, and for  others.

PWIC: I know that writing is who you are and it’s what you love to do and you have self published a book named: A Book of Remembrance. ” 365 Days to a Personal Relationship with God, and we’ll get to that in a moment. But tell us, what made you decide to start a ministry on/about prayer? Why not just join a prayer group at your local place of worship and serve God that way?

ER:   I have done that, in the past.  In fact, when I began my ministry, I was at a place, where I had to let go, and let God guide me away from other ministries.  And the agenda, that comes with religion.  People, attitudes etc.  Because I have had to find myself in the relationship with God through my ministry.  And to be honest, I have nothing against doing that.  Against serving in ministries.  But, I have felt the Lord use me in my own ministry, and have felt led to do so by my writing, and prayers via the internet.  If God called me to serve in any capacity, other than my own ministry, of course I would be open to that.

PWIC: Awesome! So you took the gifts and talents that God endowed you with along with your commitment to God and your passion in helping the lost and turned it into a ministry!  At any time where you doubtful, hesitant, or even fearful of actually stepping out on faith and doing what God asked of you?

ER:  As I began my journey in this ministry of mine.  It was because I was in a position, to reinvent myself.  I have worked in the Corporate world, but my heart is in ministry.  And I have met many challenges, in this ministry.  I have had many doors slammed in my face.  I do not have a lot of resources.  I don’t know a lot of people in ministry.  I am not afraid; to do what God has called me to do.  I am not afraid in the sense that I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  But when you don’t always have a sense of direction, or networking.  It does limit you.  But again, I know who God is.  And I have faith in the gift God has given me.  I know Gods truth.  When I write, I sense, his guidance.  I sense, his instruction, by his word.   It has set me free. I am not into playing games with people.  Or living a lie, or being timid or afraid.  What a waste, if we don’t stand up for truth, for then we will fall for anything.  And fear will make you fall.  God does not want that for us.  But I tell you in all honesty I think my greatest challenge, is always just me.  For sometimes I do get weary.  Not making progress.  But I know that I know God can change that in a moment.

PWIC: In going back to your writing, how did you get started?  I know as a young child I would write bits and pieces here and there. Then as I grew to be a teenager I started keeping a diary, which turned into journaling as I grew into adulthood. So was it like that for you?  How did you get the writing bug?

ER:  I have always loved writing.  I used to have a diary, as a child, and I would write prayers to God.  But, my desire, to write, did not become evident to me, that it was my gift and calling until I started creating web pages, and adding prayers, and scripture, as the format, with my poetry.  And now, I feel led to write my blog, weekly, to express who I am in Christ, and it’s sort of like Christianity 101.  I try to write at a level, where everyone, can receive, and see the truth, as a commentary, but always based on God’s word.

PWIC: Tell us a little about your book.

ER: I wrote it in 1995.  Well my book is a journal.  365 days to a personal relationship with God.  A Book of Remembrance.  That’s the title. It has a place to read the daily scripture, and it also has a place to write notes, and to write your very own prayers.  It is a spiral book, and is handy to use.   I self-published them years ago.  And I only have a few left.  I am in the process now, of reordering more, and they will be available in the near future.  But this is one reason, why I am so glad to do this interview, because I do want to network, with perspective publishers, or literary agents, and they could see my book as well.   That’s why I hope someone soon, someday, will see my potential, and help me publish my writings.  This and other things I have written.  I need a miracle.

PWIC: Would you like to share a poem or prayer that you have written with our listeners/readers?

ER:  Sure I would love to.  This is entitled.  GOD WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU.  It is a prophetic word that the Lord gave me a few years back.  But it is a word, even as I browsed through my writings; I thought maybe somebody needs to hear to know.  God will never forsake you.  Please bear with me as I read it.

My precious child
King that I am, I can do
What no man can do
I am with you
I will never forsake you
Do you not know
That wherever you go, I go
I will lead the way
Just follow me as you pray…
For the key to find your place
Is by my grace
Trust in me, I know you are sad
It has even got you angry, and mad
But your heart is tender
and very tired
You need my love to inspire
Do not let the enemy lead you
To the fire
Take my yoke, for it is light
and easy…
I took the burden at the cross
and at the cross you must leave
your burden and just that sudden
Do not pick it up again
Let me work out my plan
Give me praise and adoration
and in doing so, I will take away your frustration
Keep busy in my word
It will take you forward
Into the life, I have for you
Don’t get caught up in strife
It is a tool that the enemy uses
To turn people into fools
The time of testing is nearly through
But all you have to do is to look to me
You will have a testimony
That will bring me glory
People, will know your story
Let me show you in my mercy
That I alone cane take your worry
Precious child…
I will guide
Be humble soft and true
Be kind to yourself
I will speak to you
And find I have never left
I am saving the best
For the rest of your life
The answer to cope
Is in the Hope
You have in me
And I my child
will bless you…
I love you….
Let me prove it to you
For I am God
and nothing is impossible with me
But you must prove your faith to me
Begin now, by seeking me
Completely and whole heartily
Elena Ramirez ~ All Copy Rights Reserved
PWIC: So describe your writing style.  What do you write and what is the genre or tone of your writing?

ER:   I am led by the Holy Spirit to write.  When I write, it is usually by something I have gone through, or by an experience.  And I always write being mindful, that I am a representative, of the most high God.   The tone of my writing, is always, love and truth.  And I want to reach the hurting and the lost; someone who is searching for understanding.  I pray God would guide those by my writing.  That I would be his secretary, speaking for him, so they can see HIS truth and love in the writing and in my public speaking.  At a moment’s notice; from my blog, to my poetry of hope; to my commentaries.  To a book, I hope to get published.  Whatever God puts on my heart, he always gives me a scripture to base it on.  So it is not just me, it is written and built on the foundation of God, and his word.

PWIC: So you take your love of God and love of writing and touch the lives of individuals in need of a word or prayer.  What advice would you give other women (or individuals) that desire to take their writing to the next level?

ER:   Trust God first and foremost.  God will teach you.  Sometimes, you do not always have the benefit of an education, or whatever, if the gift is in you. But it does not hurt.  Keep trying to grow.   But know, this, you will be tested, if you are to do anything for God.  From glory to glory, precept, upon precept.  Here a little there a little, you will be tested by God.  And the truth of the matter is, if you do not commit yourself totally to God, in anything he calls you to do, you will not meet your potential.  You must know what Gods word says.  You must want to serve him and others in love.  You cannot be in unforgiveness or strife with others.  And see his true success.  What is your motivation?  Do you want to do this for you or for God?  These are important questions you have to ask yourself.  Because if the motivation is not right.  The fruit will not be of God.  I think my fruit, is of God, because I have been broken.  I have failed.  I have been nothing.  But when you start seeing him, when you start seeing his power, his plan, his ways….and you give him your nothing He can change you to be a success.  If you take care of Gods business, He will take care of your business.  And sometimes, I get so frustrated, but I know He is able.  And then I gain my strength back.   But you have to do it his way…..And then when you do, the fruit of it will express, it is God.  Not you.

PWIC: You know, when God calls us for a specific task many, if not most of us, have some serious doubts, questions and fears. We oftentimes ask God “why me” or ask Him how we are to accomplish the task He has commanded of us.  What was your “going through” in bringing your ministry into fruition and keeping it alive, and how did you overcome them?

ER:  It is a daily test, and trial.  There are days, when I feel so motivated, and then there are days, when I am just doing it, because I don’t know what else to do.  I don’t ever recall having writers block.  My problem has been networking, or finding people who believe in me.  But I don’t give up.  But God is able.  Just as long as he believes in me, I believe in myself.  Like you dear.  You have a wonderful ministry, that I see so much potential.  God can open a door for you.  Because your heart and I see, your gift and callings are in this radio ministry.  God will bring the right resources, the financial needs to be met, but keep doing it for God.  I think with any of us….if our motivation is right, and that’s the key word….If we commit all our plans to God, according to his word, we cannot fail.  You will be a name, to be honored dear Tereciah.

PWIC: Where would you say your walk with Christ is today versus when you first started the “task walk,” when God called you to step out on faith and start your ministry?

ER:  My walk has grown so much with the Lord so that I now know him and trust him by his promises.  I was a broken person, in so many ways.  The only thing that has saved me is Jesus Christ.  And I will never let go of God.  I will always walk with him, and for him.  Wherever he leads, I will go.  I would love to advance my ministry, and actually publicly speak.  I have sermons in my heart that I would love to write, and speak about.

PWIC: What steps or advice would you give the Christian Woman that desires to step out and do what God has called her to do?

ER:   Again just trust God.  Pray, pray for others.  Love, is the greatest commandment and we need it in the body of Christ.  Loving others, loving the unlovable, and being committed, to want to do it Gods way.  Settle it in your mind, and your heart to go for it.  To do God’s will.  Beware of jealous people, or people, who only see the monetary value in things, and will only try to help you if it helps them.  The goal though is never give up on God or yourself.  No matter how long it takes.  I know, I have been writing for over 17 years for the Lord, and no door has really opened, maybe it is now.  But I have not given up, because of what Christ has done for me, makes me realize, I have to continue to do what I can in my lifetime, to give him glory and honor and praise in my writing, or whatever, because people need to know about Jesus Christ.  That he is the way, the truth and the life.  And that hell is not just a place one talks about.  It is real.  So I want to encourage anyone, to serve God.  To know God, to gives their hearts to him.  Because really when it comes down to it.  He is the only one we need to please.

PWIC:  Do you have websites that listeners/readers can go to and learn more about you and your work?  If so, briefly, list them out and what each one is about.

ER:   Yes I do, but most of my web sites are listed on my main blog

PWIC: Elena, thank you so much for being a guest on The PWIC Show!  You truly are a Phenomenal Woman In Christ and I pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you in all that you do!

ER: Thank you Tereciah, I am very honored.  Do you mind if I say a prayer?  Just a spontaneous prayer for you and your listeners?

*Prayer prayed here*

End of Interview

Elena Ramirez is also a Christian Speaker and is available to speak at woman’s conferences, workshops or minister at your church.  Her topics are listed below.

You can reach Elena at her blog: or at: Prayer of God Ministries, P.O. Box 1033, Wheaton, CO 80034

Her e-mail address is








Special Note: Written interview has been published and submitted in its originality from the guest. Formatting done by PWIC.

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