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Renewing Your Mind To Fulfill God’s Vision For Your Life

Tired of what this world has to offer and you’ve decided to step out on faith and live God’s calling for your life? In order to effectively live the life of purpose God says is yours, you first have to guard the gateway to your mind.


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Life Spark: My Journey to Your Beginning  

 Are you someone that knows God has more in store for you but is unsure how to get to that place to unlock His way?

If you are needing a change in your life, then this book is for you.  Journey with Tereciah as she chronicles her life through her fears, doubts and self limitations.  Walk in her shoes and ask yourself “Is that me?” “Has that been me?”  Learn the steps that Tereciah took to start living the life God envisioned for her.


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 Your Spiritual Gift Guide in Relation to God’s Vision For My Life

Spiritual Gift Guide Book

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Living Purposefully: Manifesting From Purpose to Vision

You were born for a reason; a purpose. Now it’s time for you to walk in it.  No more playing it safe or hiding behind others. It’s time for you to manifest to vision!

We have all read and recited the scripture “Write the vision and make it plain so he may run that readeth it.”  Many of you have probably written down things you want to accomplish.  Goals, dreams, aspirations and handy inspirational sayings that need more action that ink behind them.  And nothing is wrong with that; it’s good to write things down.  It put things in perspective.  But, what if I presented you another way of thinking about that scripture?  Another way of interpreting and thinking that literally puts your purpose into perspective?

 This recording is designed to give you the tools to identify your Spark – your purpose; God’s way.

  • Learn what is Vision and how it coincides with your Purpose

  • Discover what seven components vision is comprised of

  • Learn steps to start living on purpose

  • Be encouraged to step out into the promises that God has for your life

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Getting Unstuck – 7 Practical Steps to Living a Life of Release!

Do you have either a specific goal you have harbored in your heart and mind for perhaps months or years?  Perhaps God has given you an assignment that you have yet to fulfill?  Do you feel incomplete, unfulfilled, restless, like if you don’t do something soon you may just go off the deep end.  Are you looking for practical steps you can take to get you moving?  You know you have what it takes and you even see yourself doing it; completing it, living it.  But you need the push, the encouragement.  Well if this is you then look no further!

In this recording we will discuss different areas of being stuck: Mentally, Spiritually, Financially and Emotionally.  We will also discuss specific steps you can use and apply immediately to get you moving in any area of your life.


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Remembering Who You Are In Christ

Remembering Who You Are cover frontAs a Believer in the Body of Christ do you know who you really are?  Are you tired of living a life that is without power; without authority?  Are you ready to enjoy your everyday life? You have to believe within your mind and heart that you really are a child of God and that power is within you.  From Pastors down to Sunday Christians, believers in Christ are being destroyed and are perishing because of lack of knowledge. The Body of Christ must stop living lives below those that are followers of the world.  It’s time to grow; it’s time to remember!

In this audio teaching you will learn...

  • What the creation of man meant

  • How did we lose our authority and what’s the Holy Spirit role

  • How do you get our authority back

  • How do you walk in your authority

  • How do you apply it to your life

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 Discovering Passion For Your Purpose

When an individual starts walking out the vision and purpose God has ordained for their lives, passion is very important.  That is why it is very important to know and be specific in what God has asked of you to do.  Once you know, you’ll give it your all.  You’ll be like a spark that exploded into a flame!

When you have passion, you will work at what you love even if it means you don’t get paid for it.  Passion says “no matter what, I’m going to do what I love: one way or the other.”

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