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6 Key Ways to Know if You’re in a Transition

by Tereciah on June 22, 2012

Change is never comfortable.  Sometimes it can be downright painful!  But it’s part of life, and at times the will of God. Change can manifest in different areas of our lives and when it comes, we are not sure how or the best way to respond.  Relationships, such as marriage or divorce; Emotions, such as […]


Write Your Vision In Ink!

by Tereciah on January 17, 2012

“Pencil in your plans but write your vision in ink.” That’s a sentence I read recently in a devotional.  A sentence that made me think “wow!”   See, many of us know the scripture that talks about vision, you may not remember the book (Habakkuk) or the verse (2:2) but you know what it says, “…write […]