Your Path to Stepping Into Your Greatness and


Walking Out God’s Vision For Your Life!

A 7-Day E-Course to Get You Manifesting from Purpose to Vision

Women of Purpose, Kingdom Leaders, Visionaries, and Kingdom Entrepreneurs


If you desire to be more, do more, make a greater impact on the world around you but have run into some challenges and have stalled along the way, this 7 day e-course may be just the breakthrough you’ve been looking for!


 Let me explain…..

 As a woman who’s been searching and desiring to live out God’s complete will for your life, you’ve likely heard the recent buzz about living a life of meaning and purpose. You’ve probably even been a participant in these discussions and have completed some of the purpose finding activities also. Perhaps, you’ve come across phrases such as… 

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“Find Your Passion; Uncover Your Life’s Calling; Discover your Purpose; Learn the Meaning of Life, and so on.”

 No worries… I’ve been there too. Along with you, I’ve come to realize that yes…all of these self discovery activities are important and are necessary steps on the path to greatness. However, over the years, I’ve also learned that your greatness is more than simply discovering “your” purpose. In fact, your greatness is more than just you.


 As one of God’s chosen ones, you’re commissioned to live a life of such greatness that it causes ripple effects in the world around you!


 Living your “greatness” entails actually stepping out on faith and walking out the bigger vision that God has placed within your heart on a day to day basis. It’s about touching the lives He’s called you to influence and about initiating the change He’s challenged you to make. It’s about being the leader God has appointed you to be.


Are you up for the task?

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 If so, join me on this 7 day e-journey and go from feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your Kingdom walk to moving forward and loving your life again. You’ll be guided through challenging yet inspirational activities to help you tap into the knowledge of WHO God made you to be, WHAT He created you to do and HOW He will use you to impact the Kingdom.


 In this e-course, you will:

  • Begin the journey to finding or restoring your Kingdom vision

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  • Fully acknowledge who you are by recognizing the truth about yourself: strengths, weaknesses, character plusses and minuses

  • Identify the greatness within you which is the solution to at least one of societies’ problems

  • Understand how fear is stopping you by looking at how it is showing up in your life

  • Renew your mind and eliminate the thoughts and beliefs that hinder you in your walk

  • Find your uniqueness by identifying your skills, gifts, talents and experiences so you can incorporate all of who you are into your greatness

  • Discover how to walk in the fullness of your Kingdom purpose


If you are tired of trying to live by what the world has to say about success and are ready to start living your life with God in the driver’s seat, you must get your hands on this FREE 7 day e-course now; filled with teaching, insights and action steps that will take you from knowing your purpose to walking out your God-given vision .


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